Difference between AC power line and DC power line

1. The direction of the current direction is different: the alternating current flows out in two directions and then flows back, and the size is constantly changing. The frequency is used to indicate the speed of the direction change of the alternating current, and the phase is used to indicate the starting time of the alternating current transmission. In fact, there is only one direction of direct current, that is, the current can only start from the positive and flow to the negative.

2. Different uses: the common lamps and motors in our life all use alternating current. DC is mainly used in various electronic instruments, electrolysis, electroplating, DC electric drive and so on.

3. Different output voltage: in fact, DC refers to DC power supply, commonly used are 30V, 6.0V, 90V, 12V and other common voltages, while AC output voltage is only 220V and 380V.